DPF Universal Adaptor

An additional feature also includes a diffuser to increase velocity and pressure of the water and air. All points of the DPF will then be exposed internally providing a deeper and secure clean.

This is a useful adaptor which forms a tight seal during a DPF clean. A simple rubber connection that expands as you tighten, secures the DPF to the hose allowing no loss of pressure during a DPF restoration with our high-quality machines. Regardless of the type, brand or size of DPF, a secure seal is always achieved with this device thanks to variably sized rubber bushings provided in the set.

DPF Universal Adaptor

Product details

This is a simple diagram of the way our adaptor operates and creates a secure seal during the DPF cleaning service.

A specific model is available for passenger and commercial DPFs and is compatible with the DCS-16/17/20.

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